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Originally Posted by Dialga255 View Post
I just battled on trilogy island and beat kayo or kaz ( i dont know his name) and after batlle the guy with yellow ( Or gren ) say something like this :you failed darugiss bla bla and text himfelf paste over another and last thing that i understand is stop or something like that. Did somethng supossed to hapend after battle with kayo or i just can go behind these treiners on the path that bring me to the water on which i can swim.
You can go pass him. I still have to fix that ending txt. Basically, the Yellow haired guy tells Kayo to offer his soul since he lost the battle, the player says stop, but Kayo tells the player to mind his own business, a lost is a lost. You'll be able to face the yellow haired guy later on in the hack.