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Heeey Ra, welcome to PC! Have any nicknames or anything you'd prefer to be called? :3

A dragon type fan? You're in luck! :D We have a cool dragon type fanclub right here in the Pokemon Clubs section, so if you're a fan you should definitely join up. Just make sure to read the rules of the club so you don't make any mistakes, though they're easy enough to follow. There are a lot of other dragon fans participating in the club so I'm sure you'll enjoy discussing the type with fellow fans, yeah?

If you have questions about FireRed/LeafGreen, I think the best place to ask would be in the Advanced Gen Games section since it's dedicated solely to FR/LG and R/S/E. You can use the Simple Question thread at the top of the section for questions and the What's Your Team thread right next to it to list your team in the game. A pretty great place on the forum if I do say so myself. =D It's quite popular too, so get involved in some of the discussions going on there if you'd like; I'm sure the regulars there would love having another member there discussing the games with them. There's also the Battle Center for all things team-related including getting team help, so use that to your advantage since you can get both competitive and ingame teams rated there (it's a lot better than asking in a new user thread, too). We have pretty much everything here, so don't be scared to explore and make some posts! PC's a wonderful - and very active - community.

Hope that helped out! Enjoy your stay on PC and may you have a good 2013. <3

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