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Quote originally posted by 1ninjadude1701:
FULL NAME: Shawn Richards
Unfortunately your writing style is not up to the standard that I would like this roleplay to be at. Your sample was cute, but it was... very plain and lacking of detail. I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to decline you.

Quote originally posted by DeLaMuerte:
Here you go, Skymin.
FULL NAME: Hikoru Ichi
I do like your sign up, the character seems quite original! Unfortunately, there's just a few things that you could fix up~

Your pictures for your character and DAEMON are very small and hard to make out. If you could maybe find better pictures or perhaps just write up the appearance, that would be grande.

Also, you have very odd spacing when it comes to characters speaking. It doesn't really read nicely (well, to me anyway) when they are all bunched up together like that. If, in future, you could space them out better, that would also be really great!

One last thing; it's 'a lot', not alot. d:
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