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Quote originally posted by n8opot8oW:
3 Questions-

2. I have a lv. 22 Hoothoot. Can it only evolve with the national dex or wut. I wantz a Noctowl!

3. Can i do a let's play of this on youtube and if yes would you put a link on this page?

1. It was a joke by the hack creator. I made fun of this with screenshots, myself.

2. Level 20. Are you sure you didn't stop its evolution? It may also be possible that the level is different in Generation III, which is the base (Fire Red) for this hack.

3. You can only do such promotion in your signature. We have signature guidelines (someone can link, I'm not sure where) that apply to how that can be done. Let's Play links in this thread are considered advertising/spam. Again, a moderator may correct me on this.


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