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Originally Posted by Cerberus87 View Post
Remaking Hoenn also wouldn't be a wise idea financially, I believe the 3rd gen was the worst selling generation ever. It may have been because of it being on the GBA, though. In fact, considering this, I'm not sure where all those Hoenn fans are coming from lately... May have something to do with the fact most people currently into the franchise started with RSE and naturally feel nostalgic about their first game... Much like I was very nostalgic about the original games (I started with Blue version at the age of 12).

The Hoenn references in BW2 don't necessarily mean they're developing remakes, they may just have thrown a bone to Hoenn fans as some compensation for not making a new Hoenn game...
Wow, you are sadly mistaken. They still sold over 13 million units Worldwide, probably even more than that by now. Yes, they were the worst selling Pokemon games but do you not realize why? R/S were hurt by the GBA which was the worst selling handheld gaming system by Nintendo. If the GB/C was the worst selling system, then its likely that Red/Green and Gold/Silver would have been the worst selling games. R/S were still the highest selling GBA games (with Emerald coming in 3rd), so to say they wouldn't be wise financially is incorrect.

Remakes are easy cash for GF and Nintendo, simple as that. They make a few changes here and there while mainly just updating the graphics.