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I'm going to be playing on my hard copy of Platinum. The optional rules I'm going to take are to nickname all Pokemon and no catching Legendaries, also no duplicates.

I started and chose Chimchar as my starter, named him Chimpy.
Did the beginning stuff and got the pokeballs.
Caught Starly on Route 202, named him Star.
Met Looker and got the Poketch.
Went to Route 204 and caught Acro the Zubat.
Saved the game.

Catch List:
Route 201: Chimchar Lv. 5
Route 202: Starly Lv. 2
Route 204: Zubat Lv. 3


Chimpy the Impish Chimchar
Level 11

Star the Relaxed Starly
Level 10
Quick Attack
Wing Attack

Acro the Hasty Zubat
Level 4
Leech Life

Dead: None so far
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