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Wow...the first time I've actually had time to log in to PokeCommunity in ages, and I get floored with some mega-announcement tomorrow. XD Very interesting; great way to start off 2013, at least. :D

Originally Posted by Magmaruby and Aquasapphire View Post
That and the fact it's a Nintendo direct makes me 99 percent sure it'll be game(s). However it could be virtual console FrLg or another retro pokemon game...but I don't think so.

I'm guessing the first two thirds will be introduce themselves and a tid bit about the franchise, announce, explain, and the end will be footage.
Virtual Console releases of FireRed/LeafGreen Versions or even the original Red/Blue/Yellow Versions could be interesting. I'm still waiting for "3D Classics" updated releases for Red/Blue/Yellow (and Gold/Silver/Crystal?) for the Nintendo 3DS.

Originally Posted by masaru3 View Post
I think that it's stupid if they'd give us a Light type. The time to do that would be Gen V so that they could make Zekrom Dark and Reshiram Light. I think that after this Gen V it would be a bit dumb to that.

Also, wind type is included in Flying types so it's unnecessary to add a Wind Type.

I've read in another forum someone say this:
"Mainline 3DS Pokemon game needs roughly two more years before it’s released. Uses a full 3D engine and will have a story dealing with a world wide crisis. A new Pokemon type will be introduced (has not been done since Gold and Silver) and while not as many new Pokemon as in past gens older Pokemon will get new abilities and forms. Will maximize the Nintendo 3DS use of 3D, StreetPass and online connectivity." and they said that this came from a very trusted person, but he did not specify who.

If this is true, then probably the new type would have something to do with the new pokémon formes. And if that would be the case I can picture some mutant pokémon. And Cyborgs too. I don't know if I like this.
I think that Light-type Pokemon would be quite intriguing; that's the only new type I'm pulling for, really. If a Light type was finally introduced, I would be content with all existing Pokemon types.

That rumor seems neat as well, but until firm evidence is provided/such "trusted people" are able to identify themselves, speculation is speculation... I'd like to see what "worldwide crisis" can top regions being freezed over or the disruption of the fabric of spacetime (which potentially affects the universe's fate), though. :cer_laugh:

Originally Posted by quirkybear View Post
Well, there was an announcement made this morning. I saw a video saying there was going to be a new eeveelution and a movie about it. Not sure if this is true, but it was an interesting idea.
If there is a new upcoming Eeveelution, I'd love for it to be Dragon-type, so that all of the previously Special types (prior to Generation 4's Physical/Special combat split) would each have a designated Eeveelution. Not to mention that the Dragon type is awesome in itself. :3

Originally Posted by masaru3 View Post
Also, guys, about the Light type. It's covered with the Fighting type. The way they made it strong against Dark types made it seem like the fighting types were banishing the Dark types, in the name of Justice! True heroes, beating up the bad guys.
I don't think it's a good idea for them to do the Light type. They could have done it on Gen II for Espeon and they didn't, they had a major opportunity to do it on Gen V with Reshiram and they didn't. If there is a new type, then I don't think it's a Light type.

We'll just have to wait and see. Tomorrow will be the big day. Those major news may disappoint many of us, bear this in mind. And it might also make others very happy. But the way they announced it, as "major news", I think it does have to be something big with great progress.
Many people don't like changes though, just like an eevee holding an everstone!
I agree with your connotations regarding the Fighting type and the proposed Light type, although I'd like to see Light as an actual element being used for battle (excluding Fire- and Electric-type Pokemon/moves, as well as moves such as Doom Desire (Steel-type), Signal Beam (Bug-type), and Tail Glow (Bug-type), all of which technically 'manifest' as light under a different typing.) I'm still at odds with whether I'd like the retyping of moves such as the aforementioned ones, SolarBeam, and Luster Purge if a Light-type were to be introduced...

As for the January 8th, 2012 impending news, it seems unnatural that Nintendo Direct, the Nintendo Twitter accounts,,, and even Junichi Masuda are promoting the big announcements with entries devoted to it. I'd love if it included a mention like "all existing 'event' Pokemon can be caught in-game in this upcoming Pokemon game" or something (at first, I was of a "no event Pokemon" mindset, but I don't necessarily have a problem with events as long as all event Pokemon can be caught somehow in-game without need of a Wi-Fi download/Mystery Event/Mystery Gift or attendance of a Pokemon event).

It would be a bit amusing if the news promotions and the announcement were all devoted to a spin-off like Pokemon Trozei 2 or Pokemon Snap 2. XD As far as I know, we can't rule out anything yet; this announcement might not even pertain to a game - it could be new Kyurem plushies, even. XD If I had to guess optimistically, I'm thinking the announcement will either be Ruby/Sapphire remakes or some sort of news related to "Generation 6" of the Pokemon series - particularly, the main series. IIRC, Generation 5 was heralded merely a month after (or was it before?) the U.S. releases of HeartGold/SoulSilver Versions, which I personally thought dampened the English HGSS release a little. It's been a while since the release of the Nintendo 3DS and the release of Black 2/White 2 in Japan, so something related to Generation 6 wouldn't be out of the ordinary in my opinion. Here's hoping for something good; only time will tell...

Also, simultaneous worldwide announcement FTW! It's good that that kind of news is occurring more often in the Pokemon side of things; makes the upcoming announcement seem like an even bigger deal. Alas, I probably won't be able to see what the news actually is until a few days from now, but the anticipation is still mounting for me! :D
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