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Quote originally posted by Strikes:
I am guessing you mean for the trainer request? Go to page 134. On his post there is a bug reports parts. Using one of those methods send him the trainer request.

Also Alienhunter. Since you post here quite often could you please provide your input on the ending to Team Saturns arc please? In the past few pages I asked if Laz was considering changing the ending to Team Saturns arc due to it being silly, out of character, and making the final confrontation rather lackluster. He said he agrees it was silly and said it was confusing but would only change it if enough people thought so as well. Jambo, myself and a couple others would like to see the change he has in mind. However due to this being a major thread a lot of people are (understandably) ignoring the conversation and asking for help, complimenting Laz on this amazing mod, etc. Thus the conversation gets buried under those posts. If it didn't I would not be posting this little bit here.

But since you post here quite often, I think your input would be greatly valued. Same goes for everyone else. We are not talking about him changing anything throughout the story, just the ending dialogue between team Saturn's leader, Silver and Axel. If you agree with us and wish for it to be edited or disagree with us and want it to stay please say so!

Sorry for having to bring this up again Laz. Just don't want it to be forgotten and buried under other posts since it is something that can effect a part of the story.
Yeah I have to agree with you now on that after your plea...:D LaZ please do what we fans require. Its a request from me too now.

Quote originally posted by shoukon15:
Hey guys, so Im new here and just started playing Liquid Crystal for the first time the other day. I got up to the part where i need the divine bell (whatever its called) from the Ruins of Alph and I cannot get it. I got to the cave and the ??? voice told me to step on the panel in front of me.... but when I do, nothing happens.

From what I understand you're supposed to go back in time blah blah. I did complete all the puzzles prior to this if that has anything to do with it. Any help would be awesome cause im loving this game and want to continue playing!

nevermind.... i got it hahah
Just to clearify you that you need a shiny stone from Ho-oH and there is a secret path which teleports you to an ancient island. Solving the Ruin of Alph puzzle does not requires for it. (If that was the question you were trying to ask)

Quote originally posted by keezy105:
hey little help here please! I got the GS ball and im trying to return on the undersea boat thing from the orange islands to see prof oak and it says i just missed the boat i have to wait 10 minutes. i never set the time in the beginning because i was just rapid clicking on turboboost lol and i dont know how to set it (it did say i could set it later). am i stuck now?
edit : btw just to make sure im up to date im on liquid crystal 3.2 and vba 1.8.0 beta 3
That is because you have to still enable Real Time Clock settings from your VBA in order for the train to appear.
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