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Then let's get this party started, both of you are more than accepted.

Fuyu, don't forget to let me know what gender you'd like Deino to be!

Deino - Lv. 15
Ability: Hustle
Type: Dark/Dragon
Moves: Dark Pulse, Tackle, Dragon Rage, Focus Energy, Bite, Headbutt

Just a small point to InkFrog, Pokémon didn't actually turn vicious, they're just a bit more animalistic in this universe, as is humanity's treatment of them. That aside, I think Leo is a brilliant character and I really like the fact that he had cancer, something that not many roleplayers touch on. I'll look forward to seeing him in action.

Galaxy (Staryu) - Lv. 15
Ability: Natural Cure
Type: Water
Moves: Signal Beam, Tackle, Harden, Water Gun, Rapid Spin, Recover, Camouflage

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