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The Rise of the Unknown Emperor

Chapter 1: Disappearance:

It was midnight. Tom was snuggling in his bed, which consisted of just a cover and pillow. There was no mattress though, so he had to sleep on the floor. His "Bed" was quite dusty, mainly because it is about 10 years old, and Tom usually accidentally fell asleep in the forest. His not arranged sleepovers in the jungle alone had drove his parents to worry about him. But it seems unlucky that he was not in the forest so he could know that deep trouble was stirring. Big trouble.

In the forest, the wind was blowing, the Noctowl was knowing. Whatever comes in to the forest at night would ALWAYS be spotted by the owl, even if it was a shadow. Noctowl had a better vision than others of the same kind, in fact, you can even consider it a live radar. It just happened to notice a shadow come by just now...

The shadow darted from tree to tree, its movements a blur. It silently ran to the center of the forest, where it gazed at one of the sleeping Pokémon. It lashed out his hands, and grabbed the Pokémon. The Noctowl was yelling and panting uselessly. Good thing I have a translator over here so I can translate Pokese.

"NOC! NOCTOWL!" ("INTRUDER IN THE FOREST!") The Noctowl had flied over the Forest, like a radar scanning it's contents... and found the same hooded figure as the one standing on top of the cliff at Noon... But much to the owl's disappointment, the Guardians of the Forest, Multiple Sneasel and Weavile, could not believe a word the poor owl was saying. The hooded figure had likely jumped into a hiding spot to confound the Pokémon! In my opinion, he'd still get spotted. At least by the Noctowl.

"Sneasel, sneaze..." ("Calm down, it's probably just Tom playing Hide and Seek again...") The Sneasel was calm. It's peers were nodding in agreement, all except for the group's leader, which didn't respond at all. The leader was a Weavile who had multiple scars and cuts, and was the best at battling. He was the most reckless of the group, and usually had a lot of tricks up his imaginary sleeve. But he was a very ignorant member compared to the others, which was his biggest downfall.

"NO! 'TOWL!" ("It wouldn't be! Tom would never snatch away one of the Pokémon!") Noctowl shouted back. The unusual quick reaction Noctowl made shocked the group and they all went to patrol the area.

The hooded figure sprinted as fast as he can around the forest. By the time he reached the end, he was confronted by Noctowl and the others. He started getting attacked, ran off and managed to lose them, the Pokémon hidden in his cloak. You'd probably be thinking it'd be awake by now, but no, it wasn't. It was in quite a deep sleep and didn't respond that much to even the loudest of noises.

Tom waked up and hastily looked at the clock. 3 AM. He knew it was too early and went back to sleep.

Tune in for Friday for the next Chapter.
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