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I completely understand why Sony have done this. It is completely fair for them to protect their income by creating a system like this. Am I happy about it? Not really, I do have some pre-owned games, mainly games that were released over 6 months ago, as it is a bit harder to find them new. If they are going to go down this route, then they are going to need to make sure there are enough copies of NEW games, available to the customers, months and months down the line.
Now, the numbers and distribution of a studio might not, directly, be anything to do with Sony, but if they want to implement this, they can't just do it and that be the end of it, they will need to come out and say, "Yes, we are doing this, but don't worry as X,Y,Z things will happen."

As I said, I completely understand where this is coming from and it will be a bummer to customers and to companies, but if I am honest, I saw something like this coming. :/
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