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Interesting question. I never really questioned it myself, but during the XY release, I thought of something. Japan, Pokémon's country of origin, has a rich history of giving things life, be it your little sister's favourite doll, or your grand-grand-grand-mothers sunscreen/umbrella. Although it takes some time or a certain event to turn them into yokai, they are considered alive.
I think it's plausible to continue that reasoning to the mechanical Pokémon... though I vaguely remember that some Pokémon, like Porygon (correct me if I'm wrong) were created. But I guess it's plausible to assume that in order for a mechanical Pokémon to get "life" a certain event would need to happen...for it to start living. Like Magnemite being something exposed to a strong magnetic field for example.

In short, I would consider them as "living". They seem to have a will of their own, after all... but perhaps their origin as things keeps them in the neighbourhood of humans.

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