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Hello, I am ClumzyTrainR13, and I would like to join Royal blue Ocean. Here is my "resume," as you could call it:

Partner Pokemon:
Samurott and Swampert

Why Do You Want to Swim With Us?:

Ever since I began on Pokemon Sapphire and I decided on choosing that little Mudkip, I fell in love. Water Types were immediately my expertise, and soon to be the electric type, (which I saw could never match to the water type). I now choose the water starter in every game I play, and i would never give up on the water type, for as long as the Legendaries live. I'm dedicated to all that is water pokemon, which is why I chose to join Royal Blue Ocean.

Say if you could turn into any water type pokemon. What would you be and do? Also, what would be your relationship with another member of the club as your respective water type pokemon?

Of course, I would be Samurott, and i would Surf the world, challenging all water types to prove myself worthy as the one and only, ultimate water type. I would treat another member of the club as a rival and challenger, anticipating the one day we would battle to tighten our bond as true water types/

Black 2 FC: