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The Battle Frontier has been around since G/S/C except there was only the Battle Tower, in Hoenn it made its return but now in D/P/Pt and HG/SS its back with a twist. There are new facilities to play in such as the Battle Factory where you use rented Pokemon, the Battle Arcade to battle against trainers under random conditions, where you might get an advantage or disadvantage.The facilities in the 4th Gen follows:


• The Battle Tower
•The Battle Arcade
•The Battle Hall
•The Battle Factory
•The Battle Castle

My question to you is, did you like the 4th Generation Battle Frontier? Do you prefer the older ones, did it provide enough challenge? Did you ever bother getting a high streak to face the Brain or head of the facility? Or did you think it wasn't worth going to and never actually played it yourself? Did you like the prizes they had to offer such as powerful TMs, stat boosting items and scratch cards where you could win nuggets, berries and more? Did you have a favourite facility?

And now without further ado, discuss <3!
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