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There's a black horse in AWL Special Edition? ;A; I'm REALLY tempted to get it on PS3 now...

Honestly, A New Beginning sort of fulfilled all of my Harvest Moon dreams~ I've been dying for customizable characters for ages and they sort of taunted us with it in a few of the newer games with clothes and such, but I only got that in Tale of Two Towns...

Hm... It's not new, but I'd love to see horse races again. It seems like the only use for horses in the newer games is transportation. It sort of wore out the novelty of them since you could start breeding them too. My favorite horse was in Save the Homeland, it looked adorable and you had a huge selection of colors to choose from (brown, red, black, white, cream, and I think a couple others) and it was so demanding getting the horse because of all the part-time work you had to do, but it was so rewarding too. And it was just fun being able to ride it, then walk, then run cx

Now, it's like 'Here's your horse' and you brush it and ride it once in a while and that's pretty much it... ;;