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Two people interested so far; that's a good sign! I assume you want to be reserved as well, Heretostay? :b

So here's my SU. It's a little more detailed than what I'll accept in certain areas, but it gets the job done.

Name: Dontae Redblade
Age: 18
Gender: Male


In addition to this base, Dontae also has a bloody-red neck band. The pants are blue jeans instead of the black pair in the photo. He borders on 5'9".

Personality: Dontae is inwardly conflicted with himself. Though seemingly calm, it is mostly a facade to hide his negativity on the inside. He sometimes wishes he could run wild and let out his aggression, but it remains held down and bottled up. His short-comings, doubts and misdeeds consistently humble him on the inside, and keeps the rage in check. But this is mostly humbling by shame, and it tends to hurt twice as much than the rage. He will speak out if he has to, and has a strong sense of what he feels is right or wrong, but it is instinctual for him to remain quiet. It is also particularly difficult to speak to new people. Despite his social anxiety, he is a very compassionate person. He truly cares for the people he's comfortable with and will look out for them to the best of his abilities. He's also very sympathetic, but it is also an excuse to not think about himself.

History: Dontae grew up in an abusive surrounding that created his self-critical behavior. As a kid he was pushed around on all sides. It did include the stereotypical bullies, but it also included his own family. His parents had divorced when he was very young, and the court put him in the custody of his neglectful father (his mother was so infuriated that she left the state and abandoned her own son). Not only did his father ignore the boy's problems, he also took every opportunity he could to pick at his son's flaws and habits. Even when Dontae managed to grab a sizable chunk of success it wasn't enough to impress the people in his life.
Dontae grew up silent. He had learned early on that no one was there for him. They were all selfish and cruel, but he had to deal with everything they put in his way. He shut everyone out and tried to phase in and out of life. And yet that only gave his tormentors more fodder to attack him with. The fear of punishment kept him from speaking out and defending himself.
When the whole country fell to the corrupted digimon, Dontae was still stuck with his father. The two were headed to Vermont, where his mother was rumored to have found shelter. His father planned on using their son to get in, but Dontae knew that his own safety was just a side-thought. They wound up caught in the middle of the latest rampage in New York, however, and were forced to flee on foot. Though separated for a time, when his father finally found him again the two were bitter enemies. Unable to put up with the chaos around him and in his own like the boy spoke up for himself for the first time. However, it wasn't with words. Instead, Dontae screamed at the top of his lungs for as long and as hard as he could. It was enough to attract a few digimon that swarmed in and killed his father while he managed to ran away. Essentially murder.

Breed: Lunamon
Nickname: Artemis
Gender: Female
Digivolution Route: Moonmon --> Lunamon --> Leikismon --> Crescemon --> Dianamon

Personality: Although still upbeat and caring, Artemis is like Dontae's extreme opposite due to her willingness to socialize with almost anything. She's serious in battle, but when the combat high fades she's back to her old self. One could say that this is a good thing, but it wouldn't be a first for her to accidentally make a situation worse. She is sort of a ditz and follows her sometimes ridiculous whim. She's devoted to the cause and Dontae's well-being, but it can prove to be a small headache from time to time. As she gains the power to digivolve to higher tiers, though, her clumsy tendencies and silly desires decline... somewhat.
When under the effects of corruption, Artemis is vindictive and seeks to fight anything that could give her a challenge. The only thing she can register as a non-hostile is Dontae, but even then she'll distance herself; the part of her still sane inside (in light of the first paragraph, though, this could be subjective...) fears what she may do to him. Just about everything else is fair game.

History: Artemis hatched out of her digiegg a short time before she was called upon to find a human tamer. As a Moonmon, her digiegg village was raided and corrupted by one of the Megas. She was the only one rescued due to being blessed by the prophecy. In the care of the divine digimon, she watched the destruction happen below from the most sacred sanctuary known to Digimon. When it came time to pass through the gate into the human world, she was handed an antique green-on-black digivice, symbolic to the second generation devices, and told to look for someone that needed her power.
It was hard to find someone specifically at first due to the fact that she found herself in New York and everyone looked like they needed her help. Then again, most people tried to chase her off, so it was easy to tell which ones weren't her destined partner. When she found Dontae, alone and wandering inside a demolished skyscraper, he was the first one to hold his judgment. He was wary of her, but he didn't out-right cast her away. After a brief period of talking with him, she handed him the digivice and asked him to think about it. After leaving his sight she kept an eye out for him. Their conversation included her mentioning that the weaker of corrupted digimon were influenced by strong emotions, so she felt guilty when he used it to free himself.
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