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During the speech a lone Neko was sitting off to the side, away from everyone else. She swished her tail, looking on in wonder at a piece of paper in her hand. She was having trouble reading it. Well, she couldn't read it at all. That sucked. She got to her feet and walked to a teacher, smiling coyly.

"Hey miss, what;'s this say?" she asked, her voice quivering slightly. She thrust the paper at the woman, who examined it.

"It says that you are in class 3C." she said, sounding annoyed. Ally shrugged.

"Um... Sorry... I don't know how to read..." Ally said softly. The teacher's expression softened a bit, showing that she knew that Ally was the stray they had taken in, so to speak.

"Alright, I'll show you to you dorm then. This way." she said. The nice teacher began to walk away, leaving Ally to follow her to the girl's dorm.

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