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Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
Gangnam Style - I do like this song, but I don't get why Americans love it so much.
Agreed, except I just downright hate that "song".
"Techno music"- Basically, any kind of "music" that has people using computers and such to make up for there inability to actually play a musical instrument and to try to make their voices sound better. It just makes me sick listening to that junk.
Soccer- Just don't get what's so great about it.
Girls- (Or in some people's case, boys) I just see no point in girlfriends (or boyfriends). I've asked people and no one could actually tell me (yah they all said 'oh you'll be happy' well then what's the point of friends? Pulling pranks?). Whatever, ew.
Text talk- Lazy and makes you look stupid. OMGLOLROFL lok how smrt I am! -.-
Yup that's it!
I like Sandshrews. A lot. I am Sandshrews number 1 fan. And don't you deny it.
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