Thread: 4th Generation: Which Gen IV Pokemon didn't you like?
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Purugly: Glameow is really cute but has to evolve into that ugly thing? Maybe that's why it's called Pur[s]ugly/s].
Bidoof/Bibarel: They're just so derpy looking and pretty weak. Bibarel's typing doesn't help much just makes it's learn more HMs. Which is basically the only thing they're useful for.
Probopass: I don't really like Nosepass that much either but at least it's a bit cooler. Plus it's cry is just creepy
Tangrowth Same as Probopas basically. I thought Tangela was pretty weird as a kid.But then they make it weirder by giving it an evolution? And what's up with the long arm? Plus it's slower than it's pre evo? WTF
Cherrim's normal form It's Sunshine form is really cute but it's normal form when it's all folded up is just weird.
Burmy family All of them are weak and useless. Awful stats and bad range of moves. Plus their designs are pretty bad. Burmy looks weird without it's "cloak" thing. No really what is this?

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