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Name: Tiberius Terronius
Gender: Male
Age: 43
Species: Imperial
Appearance: Long grey hair, brown eyes, a few scars across his face, has a short beard and sideburns (sorry for no pic)
Personality: He believes in the truth and the Empire, he has a stern personality and can tell when he is being lied to. He likes to get to the point and is a man of a few words.
History: 20 years ago he was an adventurer exploring Tamriel until he took an arrow to the knee. He signed up as a Solitude guard and he fought against the Stormcloaks where he was captured, they released him though regretting it. A year later he killed all the men in a Stormcloak camp and fled to Cyrodil. He was poor and was living on garbage to survive when he decided to try his luck and stole bread from a bakery but was caught by Imperials who locked him up for the next 10 years. After escaping he seeks the Hourglass to redeem himself to the Imperials and the Empire and to destroy the Aldmeri and Stormcloaks.
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