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Originally Posted by Miss Doronjo View Post
I agree with the points here, but, just allow me to play devil's advocate - aren't certain pokemon way more intelligent than the animals in real life? Wouldn't they be able to find an incentive to be 'evil' all on their own? It has happened before - if you watch a certain episode of pokemon, you'll see that a Togepi is indeed 'evil'. Or has a lack of good if you wanna be philosophical. And no, it had no trainer. It was actually, physically, "bad" on its own.

Would X&Y have pokemon that have hidden motifs such as that? I mean, in the games, independent ideology is indeed possible with legendary pokemon.
There's a bad egg joke in there somewhere.

Not to drive off topic, but that Togepi was more naughty and mischievous than anything else. Sure it did some pretty devious tricks, but I wouldn't go as far as call it purely evil.

In the games, there are Pokémon who have a naughty nature. But I wouldn't confuse naughty with being evil. They are very much two different natures. I don't see the games introducing an "Evil" nature into the mix, but if they did in X and Y, then I can imagine something similar to having to purify them maybe. But I still couldn't picture them being naturally born evil.
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