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Probably not going to happen here due to the European and France influence, but if it did, then I would hope they would incorporate some elements of adaptation with the old Pokémon. For example, a strong change in the environment throughout the years had caused numerous of the Pokémon who lived within the region to change and adapt to their new living conditions. Some could have new evolutions and others new forms. While the change in environment could have attracted newer Pokémon from outside the region to inhabit the lands.

There would also need to be a number of changes added in to make the old region feel fresh and make you want to explore it again besides just new Pokémon a la Black 2 and White 2, but more so. Changes in certain areas would have to be made, new locations would have had to be found, while the characters and storylines would have to be changed greatly.

In all honesty, I wouldn't be totally against it. This is something I was hoping that if ever Kanto had to be remade again, that they'd develop it like an entirely new game rather than a remake of the versions before it.
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