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Quote originally posted by droomph:
Well, the thing is, loading an ad counts towards a click…whatever

I'll happily not look at ads but if they need the money I'll just donate when I have the time.
Droomph hit the nail on the head here - there is a difference between an ad being there and an ad not being there, assuming the user didn't click on the ad. The ad companies pay for people seeing their ad - think of it like a commercial. TV companies are not paid by how many people buy their product after it shows on the commercial; they're paid by how many people saw the commercial. When you block ads, the ad company is not paying for you to see the ad, therefore the website is not getting any money that they would have otherwise gotten.

Edit: If you read your own sources you will see that prices are based on "impressions", or who sees the ad, not clicks.

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