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There's a Pokemon you have to have that can fall into that category, but there are other options that don't require picking a friend. I'm sure most people will though, myself included. That's all the spoiling for now!

It'd be awesome to have an event around my birthday, haha. AlexOzzyCake made me a Christmas present which is basically a challenge centered around me, and I told him I might use that for an event some time. Only thing about my birthday is that it's in August and I start band camp then, so I'm busy. But oh well, I might do that anyway. Though the way he set up the challenge requires a gen V game to be played and I like the events to at least include one game from each gen if possible. Hm. Perhaps I can change the rules a little to allow more flexibility. It wouldn't hurt his feelings. AND. I turn 21 this year, so what a great year to have a Syd's Birthday Challenge. :P
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