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Answer To Current Pop Quiz: I believe there were seven poison types intoduced in Generation 4, Roserade, Scorupi, Drapion, Stunky, Skuntank, Croagunk and Toxicroak.
On the Current Topic: There was mutterings in the TVTropes Wild Mass Guessing pages about the X and Y legendaries being based on Norse Mythology, and another on them representing love with the third unannounced one representing hatred. There was also the speculation of it being serpentine... y'know, so it can form a Z. Putting all those together, I pictured a Poison/Dragon type based on Niddhoggr. This big, multi legged worm like dragon with venom coursing all over its body and toxic fumes coming out of its mouth all the time... and you find it deep underground in a mysteriously diseased forest as it gnaws at its very foundation for nourishment... but then I sorta get weird thoughts like that. At the end of the day that's what I really want: a badass Poison type legendary. As it is it's the only type without a Legendary. And no, Toxic Plate Arceus does not count.

As for the Poison/Ice speculation I remember many years back seeing a sprite of a Fakemon evolution for I think Dewgong, with it covered in sludge and basically driven berserk via pollution. That might work.