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Quote originally posted by karatekid552:
Bad pointer? Is it for all of them, or just that one move. If it is just the one, there was probobly just a problem with your offset. Just try recompiling it and then put in the new offset. If it's all them, it could be anything from a table error or a pointer to table error. Experiment with defferent things and see if something you do causes a change.
That's what I thought, but even when I change the offset to another one, the game still resets. Is there a portion in the game's free space that you just can't mess with? Am I changing descriptions too close to the bottom (I started at offset 0x900EEB)? Either way, I can't seem to fix this problem. Putting in another offset, pointing it to free space, and using an already made stock description all don't work. I'm hoping there's a solution. If not, I'm glad I have a backup game with no descriptions and saved scripts of said descriptions. :/

I'm using Pokemon Game Editor's Attack Editor and Pokemon Ruby, if that helps any.