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Played a little more yesterday and here's the news:

-Trained my Squirtle against the bugs in Viridian Forest
-It finally evolved into Wartortle for some extra bulk
-Went back to the little path to the victory road to beat Green
-Got to Pewter City and beat Brock with 2 water guns - lol. Got my first badge, so 1/8
-Got my second water type pokémon for 500 pokedollars. An awesome magikarp with a bold nature *cough*, will have to replace it later.
-Beat all the trainers in north of cerulean *phew*
-Even though my Wartortle was ~25, it had a bit of trouble with Green's Bulbasaur
-Bit misty's pokémon and earned the Cascade Badge. 2/8!
-Got to Vermillion, got the old rod and immediately started fishing for a better magikarp
-Got a Jolly one, after many bolds and sassy.
-Grinded the magikarp on Route 6 until level 19...
-Decided to go train it on SSAnne.
-Evolved into Gyarados AT LAST...!
-The Gyarados kicks ass and I managed to gain a few levels in the SSAnne. Green was easy.
-Got cut and my first HM slave! Oddish!
-Beat Lt. Surge and my Wartortle evolved into Blastoise as an added bonus! 3/8
-Went through the dark cave and made the slave use flash!
-Got to Lavender town.

Level 39
Bite, Rapid Spin, Water Gun, Protect

Level 34
Leer, Tackle, Bite, Dragon Rage

Can't wait to get my next water type!
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