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Milly Kaiko
Milly shield her face as a wave of water from Volt’s entrance rippled towards her, spluttering out a laugh as she did so despite the fact some water got into her eyes, stinking them a little bit. In reaction she closed her eyes and rubbed them a little, treading water in a neat fashion.

“Awesome and refreshing, isn’t it? It’s great after a long run.” She heard Volt’s voice say through the darkness. She smiled and nodded but didn’t open her eyes yet, still itching them with the back of her hands in an attempt to get rid of the majority of liquid.

When, however, he said “This was a good idea, definitely. Kudos to you, Milly.” The brown haired girl, at last opened her eyes, revealing one eye to be rather bloodshot in comparison the other, though Milly had no idea of this. She grinned and bowed her head in a mock, over dramatic gesture.” Why thank you!” she said through a toothy grin as she brought her head back up and focused on her company.

His hair was sleek and shiny now, weighed down by the water and looked even cuter than before, but the werewolf pushed this to the back of her mind when she noticed something different about the boy in front of her. The red band which had encircled his head before was now slightly wonky. But it wasn’t the position of the band which caught Milly’s attention; it was something on the boy’s forehead that made her stop.

What is that? She thought, not bitterly but out of curiosity. She had never really spent that much time around other youkai, but had read plenty about them. yet it was her lack of physical experience in the field with other monsters which stopped the girl from jumping to an answer.

But her trail of thought was cut short when once again Volt’s voice spoke. “What kind of Youkai are you, out of curiosity? I’ve heard humans aren’t common around here... in fact, extremely rare. So I doubt you’re one of those....”
Milly shook her head to remove the cobwebs of thought which had formed and looked back her friend allowing her cool green gaze to move from Sorae’s forehead to his face. Here she grinned, once again flashing her teeth as she chuckled lightly.

One of the main rules was not to reveal your Youkai form to another, true. But then again, rules were there to be broken and starting with the first rule she was given, Kaiko figured it was a good place to start.
“I’m a werewolf.” She smiled, forcing to her face to take on the most innocent expression she could muster. “You?”

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