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Originally Posted by TrainerTori View Post
What is your definition of cheap?? That can be a really broad term ;

Compared to a charizard EX, other EXs are cheap.
Yeah sorry. I was thinking USD 50 max.

@Renpuu: I don't want to *win* tournaments, I just want to be competitive. What do I mean? My kids did not manage to KO a single Pokemon during the tournament, so that's no fun. Competitive for me means to be a sufficient pain in the butt for all those expensive decks, win a few games if we can, and have fun playing longer games than 3 rounds.

I think the suggestions you make are awesome (I have the Sableye already), and it's true that waiting for the new expansion to come might be a good idea since metagame will most certainly shift a bit.

I'll post the new deck list and the current one.


Any opinions on the coin flipping ideas in my original deck?
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