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I can see that this deck needs a few more draw supporters and being able to search for the cards you need.
First of all Engineer's adjustment is not legal in Black/White on-wards format.
So it cannot be included into a tournament legal deck.
I would advise adding in the following:
4 N (great synergy with Empoleon)
2 more Prof Juniper (The best supporter in the game for drawing)
2-3 Energy Search (Allows you to run less energy and search for the energy you need for that turn)
4 Skyla (She allows you to search your deck for any trainer card, so it's very versatile)
2 Random receiver (to ensure you always have a supporter)
2 more Pokemon Catcher

Some energy due to energy search being included
1 Cilan because you only need 1 with Skyla

You could even run a heavier Empoleon line such as 4-2-4 to ensure that you're always getting him on board turn 2 !
What set is the Umbreon you are using ?
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