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Doubt it!

A lot of people who have played the games since the beginning may have given up on the franchise by now, but I don't think Pokémon will ever die... completely.

I didn't look at the 3DS as a new handheld at first. Mostly because it kept the 'DS' title from it's predecessor.
I think about everyone should know now that the DS is outdated. Some have to get over the fact that the DS is old technology. (i.e. DVDs, PS2, XBOX, etc. etc.)
The 3DS took its place, and there's going to be new games that will exclusively be only for the 3DS. If so-and-so can't get over that, then that's their problem. It sucks when you get something to only have that tech replaced, but there's both good and bad sides to it. I'd rather have newer advanced systems versus sticking to the old ones. Sure, even if the old ones weren't so bad.

It depends on preference in the end. The 3DS is fairly cheap nowadays compared what it was on release, but I would never go out and buy a new handheld/console solely for one game.
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