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To display his combat abilities, the Goron revealed a hammer in place of a fist on the end of his right arm and crushed a boulder with it. A hammer fist would definitely make this Goron a formidable ally along with their mutual understanding in smithing.

"I don't think they'll be welcoming me back with open arms either, so we have something in-common there, lad." The Goron said in response to his earlier statement and to Diceon’s relief. It made Diceon feel less of a burden although it still bothered Diceon slightly he wouldn’t be able to return home.

"A word to the wise, stay close. The Stalchildren tend to gang up on lone folks. I learned that the hard way." The Goron added. Diceon knew from the lost of his father that the state of Hyrule definitely wasn’t safe and he also wasn’t sure if he could’ve survived in combat with any monsters which was a risk he was willing to take although the fact that he had an ally was more relief to Diceon.

"So, young Diceon, tell me. What do ye' do for a livin'?" the Goron asked.

“Well, really I was supposed to inherit my Uncle’s career in being a Blacksmith, a family custom. See, every second born male in my family is always trained to be a blacksmith although it didn’t really tickle my fancy to have my fate determined although I have nothing against being a blacksmith.” Diceon said, lying about why he didn’t want to be a blacksmith. He didn’t want his illness to be of any concern to the Goron.

“I always wanted to travel the world, ever since I was a child, and later on settle down and maybe have a family.” Diceon said, satisfied with his answer. "So where are we headed?"