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Originally Posted by C Payne View Post
Was it established that they started their projects during our adventures? No, they just have worked together is all we know(which has little to do with everything that's going on other than trading between regions). With it being the first reboot, they may not have had a whole timeline thing planned out so it might not have matter as much to them then. As I'm sure we can all agree on, a remake could place things better than the 'next to nothing' info we have now to get a true idea of where the Hoenn storyline comes into play.
A remake wouldn't add much info. The idea that DPP and HGSS took place at the same time is taken from the events in DPP itself, not HGSS.

Originally Posted by C Payne View Post
You can't use the new forms(because, IIRC, they weren't programmed in the original games) but that still doesn't take from the fact that B2W2 happened two years after BW yet can trade and battle with each other as if they occurred at the same time. Same game engine or not, the whole argument you and others made about how RSE and FrLg had to be at the same time was based on the direct trade between the two sets. That was broken when B2W2 came along(like a lot of a things) because they did not happen simultaneously with BW yet can communicate like nothing's different.
You can freely trade between RBY and GSC as well. Of course, you can't trade new Pokémon and moves back to RBY, but you can trade back some stuff that didn't exist in RBY (such as Alakazam with the elemental punches). So (relatively) free trade is possible between games in different time frames. The only reason you can't do battle between RBY and GSC is the different game mechanics. Back then, it was explained through a time machine.

However, and this is a BIG however, you can still do free battle between RBY and GSC if you have a platform which supports both. This platform was called Pokémon Stadium 2 for the N64. In PS2, RBY cartridges could be used and then obeyed GSC mechanics in the game's battles.

BW and B2W2 don't have any different game mechanics. Two years have passed, but no moves nor Pokémon were added. This is why a "time machine" isn't necessary.

With regards to the RSE/FRLG thing, it's never stated that there is trade along different time frames. However, there is evidence that it can't be concomitant with DPP/HGSS, because the Orbs aren't in Hoenn during this period, and it can't be after BW either, since BW is after all the other games. This leaves the period between DPP/HGSS and BW, the period between FRLG and DPP/HGSS, or concomitant with FRLG. But how can you explain RSE being after DPP if none of the new evolutions discovered in Sinnoh are known to Hoenn locals?

3rd gen retconned a lot of things it shouldn't have, IMO. Because in 2nd gen it was made clear that the new Pokémon from Johto were discovered after the original 151, and the new types were a recent discovery as well. With 3rd gen, Johto Pokémon appear in Hoenn and the Sevii Islands, and the Steel-type is no longer unknown. RSE should've been placed after GSC, but as it stood, it was so detached from the other regions that it almost seems like it's from another dimension.

Originally Posted by C Payne View Post
They may connect the regions, but that doesn't mean that they automatically connect the main plots of their respective regions(Aqua/Magma and the Rockets doing what they did as we played through). About all we know is that they, over time, have helped each other on the PC systems of the regions. There is no mention of when they started or how long they've been working on it or anything. They know each other, not a big deal really.
The plots are connected, because, where are all the Hoenn Pokémon coming from? They're caught during the plot of RSE and traded to the plot of FRLG, without any mention of time travel.

Originally Posted by C Payne View Post
Couldn't that go both ways as well seeing as Kingdra and Crobat are available during the main storyline?

Also note that Marill, Azumarill, Slugma, Magcargo, Chinchou, Lanturn, Wynaut, Wobbuffet, Phanpy, Donphan, Natu, Xatu, Heracross, and Girafarig, among others(all of which were introduced in Gen II) happen to be native to Hoenn as well. Can we automatically write that off as just coincidence? I'm not using it as proof, because it really isn't either, but more as something to think over as well.
There are Johto Pokémon in Hoenn, just like there are Johto Pokémon in the Sevii Islands. Retcon of 2nd gen.

Originally Posted by C Payne View Post

It's not all about how sinister the plans were, even though Aqua ans Magma chose thievery, etc. as well to accomplish what they wanted. The Grunt makes mention of how noticeable they made themselves and that being the downfall of their plans. Make of it as you wish, but Magma and Aqua made themselves well known as well.
Known only in Hoenn. And even in Hoenn, there are parts of the game where you don't see any mention of Aqua/Magma.

There's no mention of Aqua/Magma in further games of the series outside the grunts in Icirrus City, who live anonymously. If their actions were recent (as in only a few years ago) and relevant (as in worldwide relevant), there would be people in Unova discussing them in both BW and B2W2, much like there were people in both Johto and Kanto discussing Team Rocket's actions three years prior in HGSS.

Maxie was a reckless buffoon. Once he found out he couldn't control Groudon, he devised a stupid plan of stealing rocket fuel to cause an eruption in Mt. Chimney. It's one of the most senseless things I've seen a Pokémon villain do in the games, because it really had no reason, he wouldn't gain anything by doing it, and it certainly doesn't help the case of making people take Aqua/Magma more seriously.

Originally Posted by C Payne View Post
As for Brawly and Bruno, now you are(as you claimed I was) seeing what you want it seems. Them training together doesn't mean it had to have been after he became gym leader, they could have been old friends for all we know. On top of that, correct me if I'm wrong but, we don't even have real ages to work with. While I'm not going to argue that Brawly isn't on the younger side, Bruno doesn't appear to be ancient either, just really fit(although a safe bet is that he is older nonetheless).
Doesn't mean it's after Brawly became gym leader, but he was old and important enough to be taken under Bruno's wing. He doesn't look older than Bruno either. Bruno is an Elite Four member, it's assumed it takes hard work and recognition to reach such level. And time, of course.

This IMO is another proof that RSE is at the very least before DPP/HGSS because, if it was far into the future, Brawly would have to have been a kid when training under Bruno, who was a young adult in RBY. The NPC in FRLG references Brawly as a "guy", so, at least someone in his teens.

My evidence may not be all that strong, because, like I said, Hoenn seems to have happened in another dimension, but at least I'm not basing it in ifs, coulds and shoulds.

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