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Inconsistency can be seen in the quality of your icons. Some icons of yours like the dialga and the other sportsperson based ones are just too bright and have a washed out feel to them. Washed out icons can look good but they ought to have interesting colors - variety, to be precise. But most of those are really monotone. If I had to pick your best icon, it'd be the "colorful bird" (one before the electric gym leader) just due to the amazing colors in it. Your dialga, palkia and giratina ones are good too along with t7nAXIj.png (evening sky). Mostly because they're not monotonous and colors aren't washed out. The latter is especially vivid compared to other works of yours and I really like that. Overall, as far as your icons are concerned, you ought to work on doing away with the monotonous feel. Try to have more interesting colors by messing around with gradient maps and selective colors. The evening sky and vivid bird icons are awesome so try to take that direction. Of course, you're free to do what you want but that's just what I think.

As for the tags, well, those are a good start. I'd recommend viewing some tutorials from the Tutorials & Resources thread stickied at the top of this section. Those will help you, I'm sure. Stay away from scanlines, if possible. They just do more harm than good.

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