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Hi there! And Welcome to my adoption center! Here, you'll be able to adopt pokemon from me. Now, of course each shop has its rules, as so do I, but I'll get there in just a moment. I am a breeder on my pokemon games, with the most eggs i have made was on my sapphire version, in second would have to be in my platinum before i started a new game or my HG version. Note that now I only breed on my X and Y Version for generation 6.

Most of my pokemon are in their youngest stage except for any legandary, and any evolutionary Pokémon I have listed and willing to adopt out.

You have to post here at least once before you and/or myself VM or PM each other. I will Pm you when you have posted here.

There are some differences in moves depending on what version I breed pokemon on. Now, some are the same poke's, but different move sets between versions due to different training I have done on the versions (also depending on the parents I breed, some with have exactly the same move pools as they hatch). So, I have listed below the poke's some moves that are egg moves, moves the parents learned through leveling/TM's, and/or chain bred moves. For example, Charmander can learn Beat Up through breeding it with an Ekens/Arbok (or others) that had learned it naturally.

If you want a specific nature, let me know and I'll latch a Pokémon with the nature that you want. It may take longer to get you your pokemon with that nature.
Also you can request to nickname your Pokémon.

Now the rules are pretty simple.
  • Follow all the rules that apply in the trade center, trade shops, and the entire pokecommunity.
  • Don't beg for pokemon, don't spam, don't fight over something someone else has asked for
  • I do NOT breed pokemon for perfect stats, shinies, or any thing else in that manner. So don't ask for a shiny or for certain stats. It would just be a waist of my time and yours if you ask.
  • I do NOT know how to duplicate on 6th gen games, only on 3rd gen games. So don't ask for me to duplicate a pokemon so you can have 2.
  • I will let you know when im done. When i do, we can sort out a good time for both of us to trade through PM/VM.
  • If you want a pokemon with a specific move set, if one is listed below, give me some time to breed one up. Some are chain breed and takes time.
  • I can and/or will decline any offers I don't see fit for me. (But most of the time everything works out.)

Any pokemon up for adoption is down below.

I have obtained all the pokemon for 6th generation. So from now on you can now request anything from generation 1 - 6. the only exception are legendaries and shinies. if i have any up for trade, you guys will know..

Generation 6
Chespin/Quiladin (can breed/catch hidden ability from friend safari)
Fenniken/Briaxen (can catch/breed HA/in quick ball if bred)
Froakie (can breed with hidden ability)
Fletchling (in net ball) (can breed with hidden ability)
Fletchinder (can catch with hidden ability)
Scatterbug in ultra or repeat ball
Goomy quick ball
espurr in luxury ball
Hawlucha quick ball
Pumpkaboo in quick ball
Clauncher quick ball
Pancham in great ball
Binnacle/Barbaracle ( can breed/catch hidden ability from friend safari) bred in quick ball
Litleo/Pyroar (possible with hidden ability from friend safari)
Noibat in dusk ball (Hurricane)
Skiddo (luxury ball)
Flabébé/Floette (can breed/catch with hidden ability)

Charmander/Charmeleon (can breed/catch with hidden ability)
Squirtle/Wartortle (possible hidden ability from friend safari)
Grodude in dusk ball
Doduo in fast ball
Caterpie/Butterfree(possible hidden ability from friend safari)
Abra (possible with hidden ability from friend safari)
Poliwag/Poliwhirl (possible hidden ability from friend safari) in net ball when bred
Pinsir (possible hidden ability from hidden ability)
Ponyta (possibly hidden ability from friend safari) in love/premier ball when bred
Nidoran male/female (possible HA)
Cubone in great ball
Vulpix in timer ball
Magikarp (in Great/Fast ball)
Pichu/Pikachu quick ball
Venonat/Venomoth (can breed/catch with hidden ability/in net ball if bred)
Machop/Machoke (can breed/catch with hidden ability)
Kangaskhan in Heal or sefari ball
Krabby in Net or quick ball
Dratini quick ball
Tangla in Sinnoh Safari ball
Grimer in Heal ball
Koffing in sefari or ultra ball ball
Growlith (possible HA from Friend sefari) in Great ball if bred
ghastly (in quick ball)
Oddish in Ultra ball
Zubat in Ultra ball, Dusk or Luxury ball
Diglet/Dugtrio (possible hidden ability from friend safari)
Eevee (can breed hidden ability) in premier ball

Totodile (crunch, dragon dance, aqua jet, ice punch )
Sunkern (can breed/catch with hidden ability)
Houndour in quick ball
Skarmory in Ultra ball
Phanpy (possible hidden ability from friend safari) in dusk ball when bred
Hoppip in timer ball
Smoochum in Dusk ball
Yanma in timer ball
swinub quick ball
teddyursa in sefari ball
Skarmory (Ultra ball)
girafarig in sefari ball
ledyba (possible HA) quick ball
Stantler in lure ball
Gligar in dream ball
Shuckle (possible HA) in Dream ball
Natu in lucury ball
Pineco in Quick ball
Slugma in quick ball
Remarried/Octillery (possible hidden ability from friend safari)
Larvitar/Puptitar (possible hidden ability from friend safari) in quick ball if bred
Aipom in quick ball
Sneasel dusk ball

Torchi (can breed hidden ability)
Taillow (possible HA) in Dream ball
Wurmple (possible HA) in heal or ultra ball
Gulpin (possible HA) timer ball
Corphish in dive ball
Torkoal in quick ball
Clampearl (possible HA) in Dream ball
Trapinch in timer ball
Aron in Great ball
Swablu in Premier ball (possible HA)
Nosepass ultra ball
Wingull in Ultra ball
Sableye in Nest ball
meditite in luxury ball
Nincada Sport ball from johto bug contest
Snorunt (Quick ball)
shuppet (possible HA from Friend Sefari) in quick ball if bred
Kecleon (can breed/catch with hidden ability)
Electrike/Menectric (possible hidden ability from friend safari)
Began/Shelgon (possible hidden ability from friend safari) in great ball
Numel in ultra ball

Bidoof/Bibarel (can breed/catch with hidden ability)
Shinx/Luxio (possible hidden ability from friend safari) in quick ball
Starly (Quick ball
Riolu (possible HA) in Dream ball
Drifloon (possible HA) in Dream ball or Premier ball
Glameow in ultra ball
Bronzor (can breed w/ HA)
Combee in Johto bug catching ball
Finneon in Ultra ball
Glameow in net ball
Bunneary in love ball (E.M. Fire, ice, and thunder punch)
Carnivine in nest, quick or Sinnoh safari ball
gible (in luxury ball)
Shellos in Great ball
Hippopotas in great ball
Kricketot in Net ball

Vanillite in timer ball
Darumaka in Quick ball
Zoroa (in premier ball)
Foongus/Amoonguss (friend sefari)
Klink/Klang (can breed/catch with hidden ability)[FONT=Verdana]
Petilil (possible hidden ability from friend safari)
Axew/Fraxure (possible hidden ability from friend safari)
Emolga (possible hidden ability from friend safari)
Sigilyph[/SIZE] (possible hidden ability from friend safari)
Scraggy (possible HA) in Ultra ball
Litwik/Lampent (possible hidden ability)
Drilbur in Dive ball
Pawniard ultra ball
Roggenrolla dusk ball
Shelmet in net ball
Heatmor in Ultra ball
Sandile/Krokorok (HA from Friend Sefari0 bred in quick ball
Deerling/sawsbuck (deerling in great ball)
Alomomola in quick ball
Maractus in Ultra ball
Dweeble in Timer ball
Ducklette in Luxury ball
Blitzle in Ultra ball
Munna in dream ball
Vullaby (in timer ball)
Forroseed in Dusk ball
larvesta (in nest ball)
sewaddle (in great ball)

Bonsley/Sudowoodo in ultra ball

Dream world/radar (either in dream ball, have HA, or both.. they will be bred; NO EXCEPTIONS)
Igglybuff/Jigglypuff (both)
Chimecho/chingling (HA)
shuckle (Both)
Porygon (HA)
Wurmple (HA)
Paras (Both)
Swellow (Both)
Dratini (HA)
Lickitung (HA)
Kanhaskhan (HA but caught in heal ball)
Clampearl (both)
Gulpin (ha)
Drifloon (both)
Swablu (both)
Sandshrew (ha)
Bronzor (HA)
Munna (Both)
scraggy (Has HA but caught in ultra ball)
Poochyena (HA)
Miltank (HA but in net ball)
Staru (ha)
Ralts (HA)
Starly (HA)
Gligar (Both)

This small section is the shinies I have for trade aside from shiny lugia.
* Shiny lvl 100 Infernape (named panferno)
* Shiny lvl 100 Porygon-Z (Japanese)
* Shiny lvl 100 Garchomp (Japanese)
* shiny lvl 100 Munchlax (German and named Manpfaxo)

(Trading shiny for shiny/something from my wants list. Unless you offer something more interesting, then I'll be willing to trade. :D )

Shiny Lugia (cloned on Heart Gold)
Manaphy (LVL 1 - Cloned/making clones) ~ Very Limited - out of stock
Phione (will breed)

Wants(Needs to be legit if traded):
Shiny Charmander
Shiny Caterpie
Shiny Zubat
Shiny Eevee
Shiny Torchic
Shiny Aron
Shiny Piplup
Shiny Snivy
Shiny Sandile
Shiny Tirtuga
Shiny Axew
Shiny Froakie
Shiny Tyrant
Shiny Chespin
Shiny Fenniken
Shiny Phantump
Shiny Litleo
Hidden Ability Pokemon

Most of my pokemon are for free and you can trade me anything. If there is any pokemon that you want any its not on my list, ask me in the comments and I will PM you if I have that certain pokemon to breed or not. My list is still incomplete but anything there is what I have at the moment.
For any of my wants, if you have an extra one and/or know how to duplicate or are willing to trade it for something, i'll be willing to try to make a deal with you for it.

3DS FC: 4468-2394-4701 Name: Joey
Pokemon X Name: Joey
Pokemon Y Name: Summer
Pokemon Alpha Saphire: Kimmy
Pokemon Omega Ruby: Joey

I'd like to say thanks to Wolf Mason for most pokébank Pokémon I have. Also, he is going to help me out with my shop. When I am away on vacation somewhere and I don't have wi-fi for my 3ds, he may contact you if you post while I'm away. I have internet on my phone (who doesn't?) so I can send him messages from when I'm away and when I will be back to run my shop.
Proud owner of the Breeders club.
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