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Quote originally posted by Lilizuki:
I was perfectly fine with going to sleep with the next posts; we had agreed on two weeks per day anyway, no?
I'd have less complaint if my time span for activity were more exspanse. I'll get Solo to bed, but I was hoping for at least /some/ dorm room action.

Quote originally posted by Claire*:
Eva went ahead and got to bed. There isn't a whole lot to do before the next schoolday anyway. Just incase somebody needs a summary of my post. Eva showers, has thoughts and goes to sleep. I realize I may have drawn it out a bit. :P
Damn you and your adorable Meowth signature.

Quote originally posted by ShinyDiamond:
Not me, I'm not ending my day. Not yet.
*Puts on second pair of sunglasses* Looks like this chef's... Outta time.


Quote originally posted by Lilizuki:
This was so badass, I just became pregnant.
Well, hope you take good care of it. If not, a snack for Elene.
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