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Originally Posted by Ultimate PKMN Trainer Red View Post
No, because I don't have another one, sorry.

Can someone tell me where can I find Pichu?

@Umbr30n: You just made an epic fail, first: I did not tell you to kick this guy because he loves Magikarp, second: I'm telling you to because he's annoying me, and this is not even REAL! Third, the most important: It's just made for fun, something you can't understand. Dude Liljz is right and this is Pokemon Trivia and it's made for fun, not to make the others look silly. Your questions are like this: "Are you intelligent?" "Are you in a PKMN forum?" "Are you an human?" "Are you rich?" And did you realize almost NOBODY answered your questions? Dude realize what your doing this is not fun.
Italic Underlined are parts where you epic failed.
Striked parts are ones that I KNOW about.
Italic Bold Underlined are parts that YOU shouldn't know about.

I'm not the only one making non-related questions, if you can't realise that stop being lazy and check the posts (Which may be on Page 2). And little did you know, LilJz1234 made a non-related request. He can't blame ME if he also did it, EVEN if I did it more. Don't believe me? Check the damn posts already. Lots of people have done that.

Sorry, I already used mine on my Kirlia to evolve it to Gallade.

Can someone create a Pokémon Paradox so that Pokémon appear in the real world?
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