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Originally Posted by Matzeho1996 View Post
I like the idea
But I think it's difficult to make a story, where you have to enter 17 cities with gyms
Also the level of the gym leader should be on your level to have a fair and good fight
In BW2 you could also fight more gym leaders after the elite four, i hope also for this idea, but i don't think nintendo can handle/want to handle this
Also Pokemon went 17 years the same way about gym leaders, so i don't think they will change it
hmm... maybe make it so the gym leaders level will rise as you progress though the game? after you beat one gym leader, all of the other gym leaders will have their level raised a little. like after you beat your first gym leader with his level 8 pokemon, the one that you choose not to battle will raise its level to 12. then 17. then 21 and so on. that way if you go back to battle it after the elite 4, it'll be somewhere in the 60s instead of still being single digits.

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