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You should give this moveset to Serperior:

Leaf Blade
Dragon Tail

or(if you want defense)

Giga Drain
Leech Seed
HP Ice

Zangoose is fine but replace Aerial Ace for Sword Dance. You could use one with Toxic Orb and ability Toxic Boost with Facade instead of Crush Claw.

If you want Arcanine to be special, then replace Retaliate with Morning Sun. But I recommend a physical set instead-

Flare Blitz
Wild Charge / Crunch
Close Combat / Morning Sun

Klinklang is best with this moveset-

Shift Gear
Gear Grind
Wild Charge

You should evolve Electabuzz to Electivire if possible and replace Thunder Punch with Wild Charge.

Replace Retaliate with Return on Braviary. Use one with Sheer Force if possible.

I recommend Starmie with-

Ice Beam

It gives Starmie a lot of Coverage.

Umbreon is fine but replace Shadow Ball with Curse(or Toxic if not possible).
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