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And it's summer in Unova...

Boy - the middle section of this game kind of plods along. I've spent the last few days just making my way from Lentimas Town around and through Undella and.... whatever the name of the walled one is... and to Opelucid City. Caught a lot of nice stuff along the way, including an exceptional Adamant Gligar with an Acrobatics that hits almost as hard as Crobat's now - I can only imagine what it's going to be like as a Gliscor - and an awesome Modest Lapras. Knocked around Opelucid for most of yesterday, then set Black and White up with Deerlings in my parties, so they'd change forme. My Sawsbuck in White is winter forme, and I'm going to leave it that way, but the ones in both Black and Black2 are spring, so I added them to my parties too. Played B2 more last night, then after midnight, played White and Black just long enough to show the new Deerling to the researchers (last one in White, but I started Black later, so it was only the third), then went back to B2 for a while. Spent the early part of the day today finalizing the party, then went into Drayden's gym just a bit ago. Went in with Lapras, Excadrill, Probopass, Scrafty (with Ice Punch), Gothitelle (who has HP Ice) and Crobat (for a possible lead with U-Turn). They were all level 39 or 40, except for Gothitelle, who was 41 because I'd just leveled her up that far so she'd evolve. The trainer pokemon around the area were at about 40, so I figured I was underleveled for the gym, but not by a long way. As it turned out, the underlings all had level 45 or 46 and Drayden's were 46 and 48. I almost left after the first battle to level up some more, but I decided to go for it, and it wasn't a problem. It was mostly Lapras and Scrafty, though everyone did their share, including Crobat, who led against Drayden and 2HKOed his Druddigon with a pair of Acrobatics.

Then we went outside and the sky-ship-thing (which should probably be named the Deus ex Machina) showed up and did its thing, and I saved right then and there.

Edit for update:

Slid around Opelucid and fought the grunts and such - nothing exciting. Then it was off to Humilau City. The Tunnel's pretty cool - it was neat to see Frillishes swimming around. Knocked around the city and caught a Corsola for the Pokedex, then went in and demolished the gym. It was mostly Jolteon and Lilligant, with a bit of an assist from Leavanny and Magnezone. I led with Jolteon, who'd OHKO whatever he could with Discharge or Volt Switch to Lilligant if he couldn't, and then she'd Sleep Powder them, set up a Quiver Dance or two, then generally OHKO them with Energy Ball. Leavanny dealt with Jellicents and Magnezone was just there in case I needed a tank.

Then Hugh showed up and did the Hugh thing (he sort of reminds me of Barry, except that there was something amusing about Barry's hyperactivity, while Hugh, for some reason that sort of eludes me, is just irritating) and it was off to Route 22, to go over and through and around and up and across and back and over and around some more. Still in there now, grinding for levels and hunting for stuff. Already caught a nice Jolly Sneasel, and I'm planning on doing a bit of Battle Subway so I can get a Razor Claw and evolve it. In fact, I think that's the next thing I'll do, since I want to get a Razor Fang and evolve my new Gligar too. Have to put together a Subway team... Anyway though - caught that Sneasel and a Brave female Piloswine (it's potentially just going to sit in a box for now - I really like Mamoswine, but the best Ice attacks it can get are egg moves or learned only by Swinub). And I caught some Delibird or another - it's not as if it makes a lot of difference, and it's just pokedex filler.

Yeah... I think I'll grind a bit more here and make sure I get the Pokedex dealt with, then I'm going to put together a Subway team and get to where I can evolve that Sneasel and the Gligar...