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If that image is fake, it's one of the best fakes I've seen. It appears to have static images of each character (I won't say Pokémon quite yet until we know) coupled with an in-game action shot of each. This could be a preview of one of the pages in an upcoming magazine and could be legit.

We'll see by next month I suppose!

EDIT: On close-up inspection, I don't see an obvious Photoshopping spot. Additionally, there appear to be measurements for each character, and a ??? where I believe a Pokémon number belongs (not decided yet obviously, though we could speculate the bird is likely 659 and the bug 662 or something along those lines, with 650-658 clearly going to the starters unless another Victini-esque legendary precedes). Also, notice the wood table creeping up along the right side towards the top where the page ends. Unless the real page is from another magazine and a better Photoshop examination proves this to be false, I'm inclined to believe this one. That's your bird and bug, folks.


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