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Zane Tyrael and Hanso SharpEye
"Mm?" Zane looked over to see TrueStriker gesturing to the side of the camp, probably wanting to talk over something in private. "Alright." Zane nodded, heading with him. He caught hold of Gallant before he went with TrueStriker, speaking to her. "Brother, can you make sure everyone is ready to leave soon?" He asked. Gallant nodded in response, heading over to the others to prepare them to continue their journey to Cape in order to locate Defender and the Gold Crystal. Zane followed TrueStriker to the edge of camp.

"So, what's on your mind, brother?"

Hanso was silent for a few moments, considering his questions. In truth, there was more that he would have liked to know, but asking about that medallion he'd seen would be prying. The Gallade glanced over at Eden Forest, then back in Albia's direction. "Do you know where Kivir is?" Hanso asked, turning his gaze back to Zane.

There was a pause from Zane. He bowed his head in both grief and shame. He had forgotten in all of the events of the past few days to inform anyone of what had happened to Kivir. Sure, he wasn't apart of the Gold Tribe like them, technically, but he had traveled with the group for a good portion of their journey.

"Kivir...was part of the distraction group that caused the Silver Tribe to retreat in Albia. He was...killed by the Sentinels as they made their way to Cape. I apologize for not informing you sooner." Zane said in a lowered voice, his eyes still focused on the ground. As he stood in silence for a moment, he figured he might as well tell him the rest of the story. Reaching into his bag, he pulled out the old medallion belonging to the Breloom. "This was belonged to the Pokemon who trained him. Who was once Gold Tribe, like us. Delnir “Divine Wind” Blake. I'm unsure if you have heard of him. But quite a while ago, he was responsible for a rift in the Gold Tribe. He felt many recruits were getting “passes” on their character because they were such skilled fighters, and that they were not being taught proper humiliation and honor. He left the Gold Tribe, then. Kivir was apparently his student. When I found out about this, we spoke of it in Eternity City, and he adhered to his master's teachings, choosing instead to fight for the Alpha Alliance instead of continue with us."

Zane took a deep breath, but then continued. "I don't know if he was right. I'm not sure if whatever the two thought were true or not. But regardless of what Kivir thought, we wouldn't have been able to make it out of Albia if it wasn't for him."

Hanso folded his arms silently as he listened. They had lost another one, then, even if Kivir hadn't been-- His eyes were drawn immediately to the medallion that Zane had pulled out. As he listened to Zane's words, Hanso recalled the name from what he'd learned of the Gold Tribe's history. Part of his interest had been the simple fact that Divine Wind was a Gallade, someone whom he could study and, maybe, learn something when it came to combat. Delnir's teachings, however, were something that Hanso, as a young recruit, had paid little attention to.

Hanso looked down at the ground, counting the losses he knew of. Dark Lightning, Calamity, and now Kivir, who had been a Gold Tribe member in his own way. The Alpha Alliance army's losses, the resulting destruction in Eternity City and Albia. Thinking back, Hanso shook his head, sighing. "Well, either way, there's this mess we need to clean up," he said, looking back up at Zane. "Regardless of Tribe membership." After a moment, Hanso added as an afterthought, "Penance may have seen some worth in Delnir's teachings, if he knew of them."

Penance was another subject, though. Hanso debated with himself, then continued. "You told Bane earlier that Penance may be in trouble, but I doubt it. You might know him better than I, but his letter did not seem like the raving of a lunatic. Or whatever it is with him. He told me where I could find the letter before he left, and his mind felt...normal, not half-crazed. I would rather think that we're going to Cape City to find the Gold Crystal, rather than because Penance might have a mess of his own."

Zane didn't comment about Delnir, but he nodded in response. It was probably true. Penance had recently had a lot of negatives to say about the Gold Tribe in general. Whether or not they were the result of his situation or not. He listened as TrueStriker gave him his own thought about Penance in general. When he was finished, Zane spoke back.

"You're right. Our primary objective is the Gold Crystal. But I'm not going to sit by and let one of our brothers go into an enemy controlled territory on his own. Whether he's sane, crazed, it doesn't matter. We can't abandon him on his own. Not if have a chance to help him. Not if he might be in trouble."

Zane paced for a moment, then looked back at TrueStriker. "We're heading to Cape City anyways. These scouts are leading us to someone who can help us not only possibly find a way to free the city, but also locate Defender. If we have that option in front of us, we may as well take it, right? Besides...we may not have a choice. Belas and Hazone, they told me about what is going on in Cape City. The bulk of the Ancient Army is in Anciena city below Cape, with refugees from all corners of Valkaria making their home in the street above in Cape City. In a week, the Generals are taking the Alpha Alliance army, and marching it conventionally through Cape to retake it. As you know, that'll cause a lot of casualties in terms of the refugees and civilian population. If we want to avoid that, before the week is done, we have to try to find a different way to invade. This Pokemon...they might have a way."

If he knew Penance well enough, then the Golduck and this mystery Pokemon would have thought of something already. That, or they'd be working on it right now. I ask that you all keep an open mind about what happens there, that is all I can ask. That had been in the letter, as well. Hanso took a deep breath, wondering again what it was Penance had in mind. "I'm sure if there's a way, he and Penance will have it," Hanso replied. "Or we'll work it out once we get there. Just, keep an open mind, as he asked." About everything, he added to himself as he turned back to the campsite.

He paused, then turned back to face Zane and asked, "What would you do if we were to somehow find Noctus this very moment?"

"Noctus..." Zane repeated aloud. He crossed his arms, and thought. What would he do? If Noctus was right in front of him. Would he leap out and attack him, making him answer for his supposed crimes? Or would he try to first ascertain if it was him who had been responsible for all of this? "In truth...I don't know. We don't know anything for sure, that is true. But can this all be just a coincidence? So, I really don't know. I'd like to think I would keep a cool head long enough to find out the truth, but everyone he might have done, I cannot give you that guarantee."

Hanso watched Zane for a few moments longer, then turned back to the campsite and began packing. What would he do, himself? He'd been the first one to say that they'd have to make sure of Noctus' guilt or innocence first. And if Zane felt that he might not be able to hold himself back for what Noctus might have done, then how would he act if he knew of the path Hanso had begun to tread? Though, I may not know for sure where it heads...

As he closed his pack, Hanso froze, mind ringing. Someone had tripped a few of his sensors. He'd meant to gather them up so they'd leave little more than a faint residue, but now it seemed better that he'd put it off. Since he was done packing, Hanso stood up straight, eyes scanning the area in the direction of the tripped sensors. There was someone out there, that was obvious. He reached out with his telepathy-sense, then felt a bit of relief. It wasn't an Ancient's mind, that was for sure. At the same time, though, Hanso didn't recognize him. Or her. He didn't try to make contact, so he couldn't yet tell which gender it might be. Hm...friend, foe, or neutral? Hanso pulled his emblem off his arm and held it so the sunlight reflected in the general direction of the tripped sensors.