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Classroom to Dorm Room

Chapter One: Part Eight
Reluctant Beginnings

Running. Running. Rain falls from above. The once still forest was startlingly full of commotion and many stomps and crashes made it impossible to think clearly. Blood spattered the green scenery, though not as fast as it coursed through my veins. Time was running out. I stopped. I stopped and turned around, and my life fading into nothing... Blackness.

Solo opened his eyes. Rather quickly he had changed into his human disguise, clutching his quick-beating heart. He had jolted upright, and panted somewhat rapidly as he tried to calm his nerves. "Damn..." Solo whispered, "Another sleepless night..." He leapt down from his top bunk, landing with only the lightest of a tap. He reached up and dug into his bag, putting his few possessions away. He found his most protected object; a wire necklace that holds one bloody fang. He tied this around his neck, sighing to himself. He glanced at the roommate he had been forced to live with. He shook his head. At least you haven't annoyed me, yet anyways.

He clutched his necklace for a moment, seemingly lost in thought. "I need a walk..." He muttered, gazing out at the stars and moonlight shining in through the window. He silently exited the dorm, and went out for a walk, likely finding a place where no one would see, hear, or disturb him.


Morning. Solo had been outside the entire day. Somehow, whatever he had done overnight seemed to relieve him of the stress he had. While he continued to pay no attention to anyone, he at least seemed a bit less gloomy about it. Deciding to feed his empty stomach, he headed over to the cafeteria. Fortunately, he was able to gain a bag of jerky. This was certainly a treat! He leaned back against the corner of the cafeteria and took slow, silent bites.

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