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Hello, thought I'd set up a shop here, been a while since I've had some requests!
For just now I'm only going to offer art but I may branch out to banners sometime soon.
I draw Pokemon and people - in my own style - but can do more realistic stuff if you ask nice enough.
I'm only going to offer digital for the moment but if you want traditional then say so :3

What I offer
Black lines and colour - 1

Coloured lines and full colour with simple background - 2

- Teeny sanguini

Coloured lines with full background - 3

Form I would like [1/2/3/] Description Describe what Pokemon/trainers ect you want in the picture and along with a background if appropriate. I will draw a maximum of 4 pokemon in each picture. If including a trainer/OC's then provide refs/descriptions. Size 500x500 px is small 2000x2000 Medium and 4000x4000 is the biggest I'll go. If you want a landscape/portrait then add that in.
1. 1 Request per person per post. If you post two then you will be banned!
2. Give credit if used anywhere, Inferna is fine.
3. Do not rush me, I have a life so requests may take longer than anticipated.
4. I have the right to refuse requests.
5. If the list is full DO NOT post asking for a request.
6. Use the form or NO REQUEST. Put in as much detail as possible please, it makes it much easier.


Requests completed
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