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Originally Posted by Ayutac View Post
The "choice" is either to spent 50 of your daily HP to increase the stat or not. The navigation and decisions are much more free than a typical visual novel.
...I hope I could answer all questions.
thats really cool, and sounds really fun, I love the idea and Oh my god, I want agatha now, that is hilarious and awesome and for some reason I think she has some kind of thing going on with prof. oak...but if you're using the whole "he was invited as a gym leader" then you could do that for so many others and increase the number of women you could potentially be with by so much, and it could prolong the game, rather than making it some short choice between 3 women

also, is there a way to lose? like you dont get any women?
and is there a restriction on what women you could win over? like are you strictly going on main series/ anime/ classic games/ or will you only make it trainers?/ only gym leaders? only champions and night minor trainers?/ will you exclude heros like leaf or blue/green/yellow w/e her name is?
are you also going to exclude side games like collosseum, XD, or pokemon ranger?

When I get someone to make screens for that
what do you mean by that, because it sounds fairly easy to make graphics, and I do that a lot and could help you, but i cant do anything script-like hahaha

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