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I woke up early as normal, feeling great. The sun had hardly come up when I awoke, so I was greeted with nice cool air outside. I unwrapped a sucker and placed it in my mouth. I always hated the taste, though I did get used to it over time. I walked toward the track, enjoying the early air. I looked to see the moon all but disappearing behind the horizon. Now that my body heat was being retained, it felt much cooler outside. "Is this how humans feel?" I said out loud.

Once I got to the track, I couldn't help but notice that there were very few other students. I did two miles on the track checking my heart rate afterward. I found that my heart rate wasn't as high as I wanted so I jogged another half mile. That left me out of breath and I felt pretty energized. It was about an hour and a half after I had woken up. I figured a few core workouts and some breakfast would be a good start to the day. So after doing enough work outs to account for the ones I skipped yesterday, I walked to the food court.

I got there fairly early, and again there were few people. I didn't see anyone I knew, but I figured I'd find someone who didn't look high spirited. I walked up to the counter and looked at the menu, the only thing I saw of interest were pancakes, so I ordered two orders worth of them and looked around. I saw a boy sitting in the corner of the cafeteria alone, I was sure he looked familiar, though maybe it was just my imagination. Regardless, I sat at his table across from him and began eating. I had forgotten how to start a conversation, so I hopped he would.
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