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Takumi Makkusu - It Begins


ShinyDiamond: I'll just speak for Tak here. Barely through the first bite of his food, Takumi's eyes swiftly close down. He begins sleeping into dream land. Lucky his face isn't on his plate. You can see a little bubble coming from his nose. Ah, here comes Nami! She'll wake up Tak. I'll just be off now. Later~

My eyes suddenly pop open when I hear a familiar voice. Was that a bubble on my nose that just popped? I look up to witness Nami in the presence. She asks me if she could sit with me...& she's already eating her blood with....gulp...fangs. I just remembered that she's a vampire. B-but I guess she's nice...for a Youkai vampire.

I close my eyes at her & chuckle nervously at her, rubbing my hair. It took me a minute to realize some bacon was still on my mouth. I quickly turn away & vacuum the little meat back inside my mouth & eat it quickly. I turn back to Nami with that same smile. Still nervous. "Not at all," I reply. She's already eating even before she was sitting down. I am really terrified right now. I focus mainly on the breakfast that lay on my plate, carefully eating my pancakes. I hope this food is edible.


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