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I'll explain what I mean here. In this case, I'm referring to Eevee and Riolu specifically.

Lucario was a hard-to-get Pokémon in Generation IV, only found via a Pokémon Egg as a Riolu (which can also be found in HG/SS Safari Zone, being imported to Johto). In Generation V, a strong Riolu habitat shows up in Challenger's Cave (Lv.49-50) and moves to Floccesy Ranch (noticeably weaker as that's the starting area, so Lv.5-7 or so) after the cave collapses.

Eevee meanwhile is in a previously unexplorable area of Castelia City that becomes available in B2/W2 via the Sewers. Despite being a Generation I Pokémon (ID 133), it has never had a habitat, instead always being a gift (Bill in Gen. II, Celadon Condominiums or Game Corner in Gen. I and III with no R/S/E showing, for reaching Hearthome City or getting National Dex in Gen. IV); Castelia City is the Pokémon's first actual habitat, suggesting that characters in the earlier generations traveled to America to find Eevee or otherwise came from America (which Unova is based on).

So my question. Which Pokémon, in your opinion, that does not currently have a habitat or is otherwise hard to get will gain a habitat in the France-like area in X/Y? If you think there are none that will, I'm interested in that thinking as well.

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