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Hi Ryuujinx, this is Atreyu from the guild.
Are you still in the Stadium? Want to team up?

Ryuujinx noticed the message and as she read it, she was a bit confused at first. She looked around; the stadium was beginning to empty, apart from some groups of DAEMONS who still foolishly battled each other, and their own group who had taken on the monsters in the middle. Atreyu... she did recognize that name. From the guild, huh? Ohr right!

She began moving back towards the fight, staff ready, while her human self typed up a response. Atreyu. That was the little wolf that had raided a dungeon with her group last week. Inside the dungeon, he was not so small anymore, towering up into some kind of werewolf creature of the same height as herself pretty much. But a lot stronger, probably. Now, strength didn't matter thought, since they had to grow up again all of them. Level 1, hah.

I'm still here. I'm the black mage with the robe and staff in the group that is taking on the monsters at the center of the arena. See the pillar of light? Get here and there might be a starter kit for you too, soon.

The chicken monster from before had been waging a scare-war against a rather frightened DAEMON who played brave by not backing down, while Ryuujinx had been busy with her new stuff. But the monster was getting bored now, it seemed. It moved forward in an attempt to squash the little DAEMON in front of it to pieces. Ryuujinx would normally have dashed forward and clawed the creature at the throat or face. But now, she didn't have that speed. Only the ring and the staff.

She pointed the staff at the chicken monster and her human self pressed the necessary buttons to throw the most basic attack of a black mage in CLOUD: Black Ray. A strangely hazy ray shot out from the dragon's staff and hit the chicken square in the chest. It was thrown backwards and coupled with the damage it had already taken from the previous round of their fight, the monster now died, signified by it shattering into pieces of data. Numbers were shown atop its gone body. It seemed like Ryuujinx had leveled up to level 2. Her dragon face smiled a little. This would take a while.

On the arena's floor, about to be stomped to pieces by the remaining 7 monsters, lay a few more basic class kits. Drop from the monster. She messaged Atreyu again.

Yep, there definitely is some gear for you here now. If you're quick.


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