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I don't think they'll revamp the IV and EV system, for the sole reason that it's a reasonably good system. If they make a modification, it will be on top of the current system, not replace it.

I don't know how Gamefreak never thought of it, but I'd like to see an EV bar next to the stats, so that we can see how many EVs the Pokémon has. Every RPG has this, why not Pokémon? Right now EVs are sort of "unofficial", even though Gamefreak acknowledges their existence (otherwise the Frontier Pokémon wouldn't be EV trained).

I have a huge and probably impossible dream that every Pokémon should be unique. Well, they all are, even the obvious ripoffs like Beautifly, but some aren't different enough. For example, the Normal/Flying birds. Pidgeot, Fearow, Swellow, Dodrio and Unfezant are all outclassed by Staraptor and Braviary, because they're basically the same Pokémon with a slightly different stat distribution and movepool. I dunno, maybe give Pidgeot some moves that make it benefit from its balanced stats, or give Swellow a Ground-type move to get past Rock-types more easily. I'd also like to see a boost to Braviary, because it was supposed to be the bird that ends all birds, yet people still prefer Staraptor due to its speed.

Back to topic, it will be quite funny to see the possibilities with migration if 6th gen allows it. You'll be able to migrate a Pokémon caught in the elderly Ruby and Sapphire all the way to X and Y, provided you have the necessary games, two DS's and a 3DS (you don't even need a GBA). At some point they'll have to cut the compatibility, but it doesn't seem likely.

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